Guidance on Re-using and Recycling Bulky Items

WRAP’s information on bulky items includes guides to the recycling and re-use of bulky items (carpets, mattresses, white goods and electricals) from commercial organisations, households, Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and recycling bring banks. 

What is WRAP doing?

Working with local authorities, reprocessors, MRFs and commercial organisations, WRAP has developed a number of tools and guidance for organisations to develop processes for more effective end of life disposal of bulky items. This may include repair and refurbishment for re-use, or processes to enable the recovery of critical raw materials or key components.

What can my organisation do?

Using WRAP’s independent research, advice and resources, organisations disposing of bulky items or those collecting and sorting can find innovative technologies, techniques and processes to increase their recycling rates and decrease the costs to their organisation and the environment.

Collecting bulky items from flats

Using WRAP's recycling for flats guidance your local authority can better understand best practice in collecting bulky items from flats and high density housing.

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Bulky items re-use potential

Discover the potential re-use applications of a number of different bulky items ranging from furniture, to mattresses and linen, to everyday electrical and electronic products.

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Bulky items guidance

This guide provides ideas and identifies opportunities to increase the amount of household bulky waste that is re-used and recycled. It covers both collections from households and provision of services at household waste recycling centres.

The guide is aimed at local authority staff and their partners who are involved in the delivery of services and/or the promotion of services. Each section stands alone so you can read the sections that are important for you.

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Bulky items re-use partners

Partnerships between local authorities, waste managers and third-sector organisations are key to creating the most value out of re-use schemes for bulky items. Alongside our re-use guides and partnership case studies – WRAP has developed a number of studies focussed on bulky items partnerships, where local authorities and waste managers have created successful partnerships with charities and re-use organisations in the repair, refurbish and resale of used bulky items.

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“How to” re-use guide

Re-use is key to creating value from the collection of bulky items. Our “how to” guide provides tools and techniques for local authorities, waste managers and re-use organisations to better sort, repair and refurbish bulky items collected from kerbside or household waste recycling centres.

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Re-use and recycling bulky items workshops

As part of WRAP’s programme of support for waste managers and local authorities, we run regular workshops and online seminars focussed on different developments, technologies and techniques for improving re-use and recycling of bulky items.

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Where next?

Want to know more about bulky items in Dry Materials? Take a look at our reports, guides, tools and case studies for further information:

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