Doctor AD: expert advice for AD plant operators

In response to industry feedback on the Biofertiliser Certification Scheme (BCS), which includes BSI PAS 110, WRAP developed a programme with Southampton University to provide independent technical advice for AD plant operators.

By offering technical expertise to specific AD sites the aim was to improve overall plant operations by:

  • investigating an AD site’s operational procedures
  • understanding any existing monitoring for process optimisation
  • identifying any issues which could compromise digester efficiency and work with the plant operator to address these
  • identifying and rectify any issues which could affect a plant’s ability to achieve the digestate stability criteria set within the BCS

Two AD facilities were visited by an AD technical expert. Plant operations were discussed and samples of digestate taken for further analysis at Southampton University’s laboratory, which included: 

  • physical and chemical parameters
  • residual biogas potential (RBP)
  • trace element analysis
  • trace element stimulation test

Both AD facilities were very positive about the impact of the exercise on their businesses and the improvement in efficiency that independent technical advice delivered. Further detailed information on the findings from one of the sites visited can be found in the adjacent technical report.

Due to the success of the project WRAP now wishes to roll the service out to the wider UK AD sector. As such, if you wish to know more about the process involved then please email, the support is being offered free of charge.