Landscaping in construction

Recycled content

Specifying the use of recycled content in landscaping will help to meet corporate objectives on sustainability, and may even help to win tenders. Examples of products and applications:

  • BSI PAS 100 compost derived from garden waste which can be used for soil improvement, turf establishment and repair, top dressing, planting, topsoil manufacturing, or as a mulch, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS), soil erosion, slope stability, flood eleviation and green roofs;
  • recycled plastic which can be used in a variety of general landscaping applications including walkways, outdoor furniture, fencing, and leisure applications such as sports pitch surrounds and surfaces, stabling, golf tees, sports rebound boards and skateboard ramps;
  • recycled woodchip which can be used as a surfacing material or as natural and decorative mulch;
  • processed sand made using 100% recycled glass which can be used as top dressing and in root zone construction; and
  • recycled glass which is available in a range of colours as a decorative surfacing material for use in garden designs, water features, and planting areas; 
  • recycled aggregates which can be used for roadside pipe bedding and filter (French) drains.
  • recycled rubber which can be used within surfacing applications, within planting schemes as a mulch or a turf additive, and also (as whole tyres) on larger scale landscaping projects.

Video  - Creating green landscapes with manufactured topsoil

This 5 minute video discusses the various options available to contractors in meeting a landscape project’s topsoil deficit and highlights the importance of sourcing quality manufactured topsoil that meets the British Standard for topsoil (BS3882:2007). The video discusses the benefits of using a manufactured topsoil made with BSI PAS100 compost and features the Jubilee Gardens, London where bespoke manufactured topsoils were successfully used. 

Designing out Waste

WRAP's Designing out Waste: landscape opportunities guide presents a range of opportunities reducing waste in landscape projects.

Green roofs

A roof of a building that is partially or completely covered with vegetation and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing membrane.