Contact details: Pühler GmbH, Dörspestraße 22, 51702 Bergneustadt, Germany

Telephone: +49-2261-4093 0 

Fax: +49-2261-409317

web: www.puehler.de

Contact person: Bianca Peters - sekretariat@puehler.de

Country of origin: Germany  

Technical Specification

Typical applications include:

  • Filled drinks cans
  • Creamy spray cans
  • Preserving cans/ tins
  • Soft packaging
  • PET packaging

Operating principle: The one-way packaging presses operate electro-hydraulically by means of various hydraulic cylinders. The material is either fed manually into a supply funnel which is installed on the press or fully automated via conveyors if requested. The separated liquid is collected in a large-volume collection trough and then discharged by a separate level-controlled pump.

Available models: Packaging Press type EVP (for filled one way packaging), available in 5 sizes

Throughput capacity (m3/h): 2.4 – 17,8

Separation efficiency (%):  99

Power requirements (kW): 4.5 -18.5

Dimensions l x w x h (mm):  4335 x 900 x 1700

Base package includes: Screw press, control panel, motor, pump, connections

Fabrication: Stainless steel

Layout: Attached as link

Anticipated delivery time: 10 – 12 weeks

Guarantees provided by the supplier: 1-2 years

Price range (£):  47.176,00 £- 132.190,00 £

Annual operating costs for maintenance and consumables (%): 1 – 2 %

References: They have an extensive reference list across Europe and Worldwide

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