Recycle Now campaign launches new Recycling Locator

4th February 2015

WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign is supporting partners in their efforts to increase effective recycling with the launch of the Recycling Locator.

The online tool is designed to help make recycling information clearer and more straightforward for householders, so they can easily find out how and where items can be recycled locally. It allows householders to identify the materials that are accepted as part of their local recycling collection scheme; both at the kerbside and at bring sites. The tool has been created with involvement from Waste Awareness Wales, WRAP Northern Ireland and Valpak. 

The Recycling Locator which holds local kerbside and ‘bring bank’ recycling service information across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales* is available on However, partners such as local authorities and retailers can embed the locator on to their own website, via a web widget - a move that has been endorsed by Sainsbury’s, who have launched the widget on their corporate website. Britvic, The British Soft Drinks Association and The Co-operative will also be promoting the locator from their websites.

The locator is also welcomed by West London Waste Authority, FCC Environment and the On-Pack Recycling Label scheme, which plans to host the web widget and actively encourage all members to do the same. This option allows partners to further promote recycling at a local level and demonstrate the support they’re providing for householders.

To access information about their local recycling collections, householders simply input their postcode, town or the material type they wish to find information about into the Recycling Locator. It then provides a comprehensive list of materials eligible for collection alongside images of the corresponding containers used to collect the recyclable materials. The new locator also holds any special instructions, such as ‘fold cardboard’ or ‘squash bottles’, which will assist in reducing confusion and creating clearer communication for householders. In order to be as versatile as possible, the locator works across all PCs, laptops and mobile devices from smart phones to tablets. 

Information about recycling collections is updated by local authorities via a live feed from LARSU (Local Authority Recycling Scheme Updater), WRAP's online tool. An additional function of the Recycling Locator uses data held by Valpak to provide details of the nearest recycling ‘bring banks’ and directions to the locations from a householder’s home. 

The new Recycling Locator is an upgrade of the previous postcode locator tool created in 2004 for the Recycle Now website. Its purpose was to identify the nearest ‘bring banks’ and the materials collected for recycling at the kerbside. Since 2001, recycling rates for the UK as a whole have risen from 11% to 43% and changes to the materials that can be recycled and how people access information via the internet meant that the locator needed to be redeveloped. The locator still proves to be a valued tool, with 1.5 million people accessing it over the past five years as an information source.

Marcus Gover, Director at WRAP commented: “We know from our recent ‘Barriers to recycling at home’ report and 3Rs (Recycling, Re-use, Repair) Tracking survey that householders may require some extra guidance when recycling.  We hope that the new Recycling Locator will clarify what is accepted and reduce the confusion of recycling certain materials. The Recycling Locator is a simple and effective tool that householders can access directly, so we’re encouraging partners to add it to their website and local authorities to keep changes to their services up to date via LARSU.”

Future plans for the Recycling Locator include displaying information for recycling water filters, light bulbs and ink cartridges and where to donate items of furniture for re-use. Visit to use the Recycling Locator. Registered users of LARSU should login to update their information or email for further details.




Notes to editors:

1     WRAP’s vision is a world where resources are used sustainably. We work with businesses, individuals and communities to help them reap the benefits of reducing waste, developing sustainable products and using resources in an efficient way.

2     Established as a not-for-profit company in 2000, WRAP is backed by government funding from England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

3     Recycle Now is a campaign to encourage people in England to recycle more things more often. Six out of ten of us now describe ourselves as committed recyclers, compared to less than half of us when the campaign began in 2004.

4     More information on all of WRAP's programmes can be found on and for more information on the Recycle Now campaign visit

5     Recycling Locator also available on Rethink Waste and Recycle for Wales.

6     Local authority recycling collection information is maintained and hosted by WRAP.

7     Information provided by local authorities via LARSU is verified before being added to the Recycling Locator.

8     Recycling bank information is maintained and hosted by Valpak.


  *Welsh language version of the Recycling Locator is set to launch in spring 2015.


Stephanie Campbell

Consumer Campaigns PR & Project Manager – Recycling
01295 817859