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Contact person: Konrad Lienau -

Country of origin: Germany

Technical Specification

Typical applications include: The installation removes foods from their packaging. This unpacking technology handles both cans and plastic packs. 

Operating principle: The unpacking installation consists of two stages. The packaging is opened and pressed flat in a continuous operation during the first stage. The pressed out contents is conducted via a product line from the side of the installation.The package material is cleaned in the second stage. The residues are rinsed off with water nozzles in a sieve drum. The rinsing water is recirculated to keep water consumption as low as possible. The solids in the rinsing water circuit are removed, while the packages are ejected at the end of the sieve drum. Depending upon the prevailing requirements, the installation can be combined with a feeding and discharging facility

Available models: Unpacking Installation for Foods E6

Throughput capacity (t/h): 1-7 (tins)

Separation efficiency (%): 90-98 depending on feedstock

Speed (rpm): 15/22

Power requirements (kW): 16.1

Dimensions l x h x w (mm): 3080 x 1280 x 710

Base package includes: Separation unit & control cabinet

Fabrication: Steel/Stainless steel

Layout: Attached as link

Anticipated delivery time: 2 month

Guarantees provided by the supplier: 2 years on mechanical kit

Price range (£): 55.000-72.500

Annual operating costs for maintenance and consumables (%):  1,5

References: Danone, Spain

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