WRAP response to IMechE report on better refrigeration

30th June 2014

Read Dr. Richard Swannell's response to the Institution of Mechanical Engineers' new report published today: ‘A tank of cold: cleantech leapfrog to a more food secure world’.

Dr. Richard Swannell, Director of Sustainable Food Systems at WRAP, said: 

“It’s great to see the spotlight on food waste once again today with the publication of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers new report on better refrigeration in developing economies. It’s an important contribution to the debate both here in the UK and globally. 

“Refrigeration can play a key role in reducing food waste in developed countries too, and we conducted our own research in this area.  

“Our research (Impact of more effective use of the fridge and freezer) showed that more effective use of the fridge and freezer can play a key role in reducing food waste in UK homes.  

“Even though access to refrigeration here in the UK is relatively easy, we could do more to use it in a way that maximises the life of our food.  For example, if we made small changes, such as lowering the temperature from 7°C to 4°C, it could offer potential savings of around 70,000t of household food waste annually, worth £160 million. 

“More than ever we are now hearing about the global food waste issue – which is not surprising given 840 million go hungry every day. Achieving global food security is a pressing issue and through our own international work we can see the movement from talking to doing and are taking the first steps towards positive change.  Just last month the world’s first guidance document, which outlines ‘the how’ to tackle food waste was launched, and we had the opportunity to work in collaboration with UNEP and FAO to develop it, sharing best practice expertise from UK learnings of food waste prevention.” 


Clare Usher

PR Officer
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