Publication date
November 2017

Food date labelling and storage advice

Key information on how to apply food date labels, storage and freezing advice to:
  • Ensure food is safe to eat
  • Reduce consumer food waste
  • Remove barriers to redistribution

Best practice labelling guidance


Our research shows that people really value having information that helps them make better use of their food, particularly on-pack. Implementing this best practice will help to significantly reduce the two million tonnes of food thrown away each year from our homes due to it not being used in time and also help deliver a four-fold increase in surplus food redistribution by 2025.

To accompany the guidance there is a bank of resources so you can easily find the information you need:


  • Step-by-step best practice guidance on date labels, storage advice, freezing advice and product life

Category guidance

  • On pack visual guidance and checklists, effective in helping consumers reduce their household food waste

Best practice and food safety for redistribution

  • The date labelling and storage requirements for surplus food, for it to be safely redistributed