Tesco SugaRich case study

17th May 2016

Using surplus bakery products in animal feed – and saving money.

Tesco and SugaRich have successfully worked together since 2012 to tackle the problem of surplus bakery products from stores, safely diverting 80% to animal feed, instead of to AD.

The project is on track to use over 20,000 tonnes of bakery surplus per year to animal feed
The collaboration has developed an end-to-end process to recover surplus bread as a safe, wholesome, nutritious animal feed

The savings and income have far exceeded the implementation costs and the scheme has now been rolled out across the Tesco estate to over 98% of stores.

“SugaRich have been delighted to work with Tesco on such an innovative and pioneering project that has led the way in recovering former products from retail in to animal feed”

Paul Featherstone, Group Director, SugaRich