Fresher for Longer Guidance for Partners

9th April 2014

WRAP, INCPEN, The Packaging Federation, the Food and Drink Federation, Kent Waste Partnership and the British Retail Consortium carried out independent research into consumers’ attitudes, behaviours and motivations around food waste and food packaging, to better understand how to help reduce the amount of food thrown away. 


Just under half of avoidable food and drink waste (worth £5.6 billion) was classified as ‘not used in time’: thrown away because it had either gone off or passed the date on the packaging. This included large amounts of bread, milk and fresh potatoes. This research confirms that a priority for consumers is how long food stays fresh for. It also shows that consumers are not making best use of the information on pack, or the packaging itself to achieve this, nor are they aware of the benefits that packaging can offer to maximise how long food lasts at home.

Providing consumers with clear and consistent labelling on pack (e.g. the date label or storage and freezing guidance), communicating the benefits of utilising this information and providing improved packaging functionality (e.g. re-closability or materials to enhance life) will help consumers waste less food and drink in their homes, and save money.