Money from waste

The issues

Food and drink production generates around 6.5 Mt of waste in the UK. Waste costs companies money. Money from waste shows how you can convert food and drink by products into useful products such as:

  • Food for human consumption
  • Pet food
  • Animal feed products
  • Chemicals
  • Materials
  • Fuels

What can my organisation do?

WRAP has identified a 3 step process to help retail organisations to reduce losses and improve resource efficiency along the value chain.

By working through these steps using WRAP's resources, your organisation can find opportunities to cut food waste, help your local community and save money.


Start with own operations

Identify areas within your organisation where your operations create waste and take action by:

  • Ensuring policies are in place to support sustainability commitments

  • Ensuring resource efficiency and KPI’s are embedded into team and personal objectives

  • Ensuring robust measurement and monitoring is in place in line with best practice in the industry – link to FLWS (to be developed)

  • Ensuring waste reduction plans are in place to address the biggest waste hotspots: range management, promotions management, maximising product life, redistribution of surplus product.

Work with your suppliers

Develop relations with your suppliers to:


Help consumers to reduce their food waste in home

Encourage your consumers to reduce food waste by:

Case studies: Our work in action

Boots sustainable product development

Boots UK has successfully incorporated sustainable product development
into its New Product Development programme. The initiative is driven by
strategic themes including resource scarcity, brand protection and the
need for new business models

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Coca-Cola annual Supplier Sustainability

Coca-Cola Enterprises Limited (CCE) is increasing its supplier engagement and collaboration on sustainability issues across its supply chain through the hosting of annual Supplier Sustainability

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Co-op increased returns for growers and reduced waste throughout the supply chain

The Co-operative Food achieved increased returns for growers and reduced waste throughout the supply chain by utilising 100% of its crop.

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Walmart set up supplier Sustainability Index to rank suppliers

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Walmart), parent company of ASDA in the UK, is embarking on the huge task of addressing the emissions arising from its supply base, which account for around 90% of overall emissions.

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Our resources

By working with WRAP your organisation can improve processes, find new techniques and work toward implementing best practice in your supply chain.






Case studies