Introduction to Driving Innovation in AD

WRAP’s Driving Innovation in Anaerobic Digestion (DIAD) programme seeks to improve the cost and optimise the efficiency of anaerobic digestion. 

Through the DIAD programme, we aim to help develop a safe, sustainable and profitable AD industry by funding technological innovations that optimise and improve AD systems to make them more efficient and/or cost effective. 

The breadth of technologies supported by WRAP to date has been wide reaching, offering viable on-the-ground benefits to AD operators across the UK.

The first round of the programme commenced in 2011 and the second round kicked off in 2012. For both rounds, feasibility studies were first commissioned on the basis that the innovation being presented was both of benefit to the AD industry and was economically and technically viable. The feasibility reports allowed WRAP to quantify the technical approach and estimated benefits of the innovation, while assessing how a full-scale demonstration project could be carried out. Those studies deemed to be viable were then taken to the full-scale demonstration phase, giving successful applicants the opportunity to:
  • ascertain the benefits at full scale;
  • provide a de-risking of the technology for future adopters;
  • produce a detailed business case based on full-scale results; and
  • evaluate opportunities for potential market penetration. 
For more information on the two rounds of the programme, please select either Round 1 or Round 2 below.