Bettina Gilbert

Head of Technical Support and Financial Mechanisms

Bettina is Head of Technical Support and Financial Mechanisms and is responsible for working with businesses and the public sector to increase the amount of material that is re-used or recycled back into the world economy and reducing the reliance on virgin materials.

Within this role, Bettina is responsible for designing and delivering  technical support and investment mechanisms to overcome market failures, drive innovation, and create a sustainable, resource-efficient circular economy.

Since joining WRAP in 2010 Bettina has led business support and grant programmes in the UK and beyond, working with organisations in the textiles, resource management, food and drink, manufacturing, and public sectors. With a background in market research and knowledge management, Bettina has nearly 20 years’ experience in design, delivery and management of technical support and financial mechanisms, and has an MBA from the University of Warwick.