Ian Garner

Head of WRAP Northern Ireland

Ian has worked professionally in the field of environmental management for most of his career.  Following a 20-year career in the chemical industry, based in Cambridge, Ian moved to Northern Ireland in 2001 and joined WRAP in 2003 to head WRAP’s Northern Ireland delivery for its funders and partners.  He has led the establishment of WRAP as a key resource efficiency delivery body in Northern Ireland.  He is WRAP’s main point of contact for the Northern Ireland Government and Northern Ireland Stakeholders.  Ian has also established WRAP’s relationships with the Irish government, EPA, local government, Irish trade bodies and North-South inter-governmental bodies in support of resource efficiency delivery and knowledge development within Ireland and across the island of Ireland.

He has worked in the fields of materials resource management, industrial waste and wastewater treatment, environmental management system development, contaminated land regeneration, chemical manufacturing and production process research and development.

He has a PhD in Applied Microbiology from the University of Strathclyde and is a Chartered Environmentalist, a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager and a Chartered Biologist.