Marc Stephens


Appointed to the Board April 2016

Dr Marc Stephens

Dr Marc Stephens is an economist and management consultant specialising in sustainable development with expertise in areas including climate change, environmental management, and economic growth. 
Dr Stephens is the founder of OpenCities and works with a wide range of organisations including the World Bank, the Department for International Development, the private sector and international NGOs. He was previously Executive Director for the Mayor’s London Development Agency.

He has extensive international experience, having worked in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, South Asia and Latin America. 
Dr Stephens, holds a PhD in economics from New York University, an MSc in Climate Change Management from Birkbeck College, London, a history degree from University of York and is a qualified barrister.

Dr Marc Stephens, said:

The economic case for transforming the way resources are used is overwhelming. WRAP’s work shows that the global economy could save over $300 billion per year from reducing food waste, and in the UK, we could see over 200,000 jobs created from continued uptake of the circular economy to use just two examples. 
I look forward to helping WRAP accelerate the transition to a more resilient, resource efficient and sustainable economy in the UK.