Sachin Kapila


Appointed to the Board July 2019

Sachin Kapila recently joined Cervest as their Chief Policy Officer having been on its Advisory Board for a year. Cervest is building a prescriptive AI platform to inform everyday decisions for enterprises, producers and governments. The platform personalises climate signals to optimise business decisions and help  users mitigate short-term climate risks that impact their businesses – through access to early-, mid-season and / or continued signals on their crop yield. Its algorithms are continuously learning; enabling businesses to augment future ‘climate smart’ decision making.

Prior to Cervest, Sachin was a VP in Shell’s Government Relations Leadership Team, principally responsible for managing Shell’s interface with public policy and the multilateral institutions. This involved working across a broad range of thematic areas such as energy and climate, decommissioning and restoration, local content, revenue transparency and energy transition. Sachin was also the Company focal point for establishing and implementing the strategy for interfacing with key multilateral organisations such as the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, UN, G20/B20, ICC and OECD. 

Prior to his role as Vice President, Sachin was a leading industry expert on business and biodiversity leading an international team working on a number of innovative methods to address Shell’s environmental footprint. These ranged from assessing the effective development of green infrastructure, monetising the conservation value on Shell’s surplus land-based assets in the US (conservation banking), developing biodiversity offsets, and establishing and then managing a number of strategic partnerships with leading environmental organisations.

Sachin co-authored a book called “Building Biodiversity Business”. Previous experience with one of the world’s largest environment consultancies saw Sachin working in over 15 countries across Latin America, Africa, SE Asia and the Middle East.  

Sachin is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, is a keen cyclist and is married with two teenage daughters.