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Achieving environmental goals with the Courtauld Commitment

Join us in the race to net zero.

Special webinar 20 July 2021


The facts about our food system are stark:

  • 30% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are created by global food production.
  • 8 out of the top 10 countries that the UK sources fruit and vegetables from are drought-prone.

In UK households, we throw away 6.6 million tonnes of food a year; almost three quarters is food we could have eaten. The Courtauld Commitment is a UK success story, with collaborations and partnerships developed under the agreement benefitting signatories and the sector more widely. Our 2015-2018 results showed a 7% reduction in food waste (nearly half a million tonnes), a 7% reduction in GHG emissions (over seven million tonnes CO2e) and collective action projects targeting water scarcity.

We’re now at a critical point on our journey to net zero, with UK food and drink businesses increasingly under pressure to demonstrate leadership in helping deliver global targets such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate action. The Courtauld Commitment is stepping up a gear to meet these new demands; re-aligning and reframing our targets to emphasise the interconnected nature of the GHG, water, and food waste challenges for the global food system.

Join us on 20 July 2021 as we address the major sustainability challenges facing UK food and drink and find out how your organisation can benefit from being part of the Courtauld Commitment. In this hour-long update, WRAP’s technical experts, led by Dr David Moon, will guide you through the evolution of this world-leading agreement including new and ambitious targets, opportunities to collaborate on the most pressing challenges, and how the agreement is opening up to enable many more businesses to play their part in achieving net zero. This is also an opportunity to celebrate the successes of our current signatories as we publish our latest Courtauld Commitment Annual Report.