WRAP welcomes communique from G7 Climate & Environment ministers

21 May 2021

WRAP welcomes today’s communique from G7 Climate & Environment ministers. Like them, we are committed to helping the world reach Net Zero and combat climate change. Like them, we know that we won’t achieve this if we don’t tackle food waste.

Time to reach Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.3 is fast running out. The world cannot afford to wait. Now is the time for action, and businesses and governments all need to play their part. We will only do this by working collaboratively throughout the whole supply chain – from tackling on-farm food loss and waste to the sale of food in retail and the hospitality sector, to delivering citizen behaviour change programmes and ensuring surplus food is redistributed to those who can make good use of it. And making food waste prevention a priority in both policy and budgets.

We are proud to have co-authored the UNEP Food Waste Index Report mentioned in the communique, which demonstrated the true scale of the global food waste problem particularly in our homes worldwide. And to have worked with the UK Government to deliver workshops for G7 members to establish best practice to tackle food waste in the home.

WRAP is working with partners around the globe - building on our pioneering work in the UK which includes: the Courtauld 2025 voluntary agreement, our Love Food Hate Waste campaign and the world’s first Food Waste Action Week to help G7 members and others prevent food loss and waste, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change.