Business support for recycling and re-use

WRAP provides valuable advice to help recycling companies and re-use enterprises grow their operations.

Our business support services can help you to:
• expand capacity;
• improve business efficiency and output quality; and
• access finance through business planning and strategy development.

WRAP’s experienced team of advisors can provide tailored, confidential support across a range of different project requirements.

Marketing and sales

WRAP can offer strategic marketing and sales guidance, including consultancy support where appropriate.
We can help with your strategy development by putting together promotional and sales plans and by providing specific marketing communications advice.


Whether you need expertise on processes or help with increasing the capacity of your business, support with problem solving or operational troubleshooting, a range of technical advice and consultancy support is available.
We can provide assistance to help improve your processes and increase your operational efficiency. We can also offer advice on how to improve product quality and create higher value products.

Management support

WRAP offers a range of management support for recycling businesses and re-use enterprises. This ranges from strategy development through to help with Quality Management Systems (QMS) and identifying potential funding sources.

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