On-Farm AD Fund

The On-Farm Anaerobic Digestion Fund has been developed to help farmers in England get financial support to build small-scale AD plants on their farms.

We are currently reviewing the operation of the fund and are not accepting new applications. 

WRAP understand that the main barriers to developing anaerobic digestion (AD) on farms are:

  • Access to finance.
  • Availability of reference sites for technologies and case studies.
  • Demonstration of the benefits of AD.
  • The potential high cost of technology.

To address these barriers and encourage the uptake of small-scale on-farm AD in the UK WRAP has developed a programme to help farms access finance, provide case studies and demonstration information and provide support for farmers who want to use AD on their farm.

The fund will be available to farms in England, that have access to slurries or manures; and who wish to build AD plants producing up to 250k/W of power. 

The scheme is split into two parts:

The first part is a business plan grant up to £10,000 to investigate the environmental and economic potential of building an AD plant on the farm.

The second part is a capital loan up to £400,000 (or a maximum of 50% of the project cost). This is available for AD plants producing up to 250kW of power.

The funding is available in England only, however if you are a farmer in another nation resources have been produced to help you through the process of feasibility and business planning.


On-Farm AD