South West Waste & Recycling Partnership

5th March 2015

South West Waste and Recycling Forum (SWWRF) identified that all their local authority members had a local objective to reduce food waste and decided to form a partnership to deliver a joint Love Food Hate Waste (LFHW) campaign.

Campaign aim and objectives
Aim - To raise awareness of the extent and implications of wasting food
Objective 1 - To encourage 25,000 residents across the region to pledge to take action to reduce food waste by the end of October 2009
Objective 2 - To monitor and evaluate OTS of the SW LFHW campaign activities and media coverage during the four week campaign

The four week campaign took place in October 2009 and was coordinated on behalf of the partnership by an appointed consultant who was supported by a working group. All 35 of the SW local authorities participated, demonstrating strong partnership working and achieving considerable efficiencies and cost savings. The campaign involved extensive engagement activity, PR and advertising.

  • All 35 local authorities in the South West (SW) region participated in the campaign.
  • The total campaign funding was £144,900.
  • A total of 118 roadshow events were held across the region, attended by 13,498 visitors.
    Opportunities to See (OTS) of 4 million with online coverage achieving a further 2.7 million OTS.
  • Advertising Value Equivalent (AVE) of £100,330.
  • Cost per household was £0.06.
  • Using the WRAP food waste reduction metric, the lifetime impact of the campaign is estimated as a reduction in food waste of 7,900 tonnes.
  • Efficiency savings through bulk purchasing exceeded £250,000.
  • Staff time – excluding LA officer time for co-ordination and events, the project co-ordinator contributed 28 days.