Monitoring of the Highland Real Nappy Project

6th March 2015

The Highland Real Nappy Project (HNRP) started in November 2001 and has built up a network of dedicated and experienced volunteers who promote the benefits of real nappy use across the Highland Council area. 

Annual targets
Loan 30 lending kits and distribute 120 starter packs
Run three ‘nappucinos’, 16 displays/stalls, 41 group demos, 54 one-to-one demos and answer 175 enquiries

Monitoring work has shown that:

  • 66 starter packs and two lending kits were distributed between July and September 2009. It was calculated that the starter packs would have been passed on to 40 families converting 71 babies to real nappies in this quarter. Lending kits were calculated to have converted six babies to real nappies;
  • by using reusable nappies, 104 tonnes were diverted from landfill between July and September 2009
  • between January and March 2009;
    • five ‘nappucinos’ were held;
    • the project had direct contact with 237 people (including 39 professionals);
    • nine displays were held;
    • 12 group demos were given;
    • nine one-to-one demos were held; and
    • the project received 69 enquiries.