This section of the data portal provides a summary of developments in the UK’s recovered organics market.  The data presented here comes from respected, publicly available and regularly updated sources on the internet.  By following the link(s) above the graphics, you can find out more details on the source of the data and visit the sites to access the full data.

The current highlights and trends are:

Gate fees and compost prices

The gate fee for in vessel composting (IVC) sites has seen strong growth over 2019. Prices in December 2018 stood at £18 per tonne but had increased to £44 per tonne by the June 2019.  

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) gate fees have remained at £20 per tonne since February 2019.

Gate fees for open air windrow (OAW) sites recently reached £5 per tonne, the highest price seen since  April 2017.  

Fertiliser prices

AN fertiliser (bags) prices currently stand at £258 per tonne.  Prices have slowly declined throughout the year.