Danish Circular Pact 2030

A landmark circular fashion agreement for Denmark

A landmark pilot is being prepared in Denmark that will help revolutionise the way Danish clothing is manufactured, sold and used. The Danish Circular Pact 2030 will drive industry towards more sustainable practices that mitigate against the impact clothing has on climate change.

The Danish Circular Pact 2030 is bringing together leading Danish fashion brands, retailers, re-use and recycling businesses, fashion sector organisations and technical, academic and industry experts to create, test and scale innovative circular business models and practices.


“Today, way too much of our clothes end up being incinerated or dropped in landfills around the world. The production and use of textiles take up many resources and have a heavy impact on our environment. We have to start a transition towards a more circular economy in the textile industry. That is why I am happy to hear that WRAP has chosen to launch a new voluntary agreement for textiles in Denmark. This initiative is a step in the right direction towards a more sustainable textile industry.”

Lea Wermelin, Minister for the Environment, Denmark.

Led by WRAP, and in partnership with Lifestyle & Design Cluster, the Danish Circular Pact 2030 is the first of its kind bringing the sector together to radically reduce its environmental impact. Organisations will come together to test and scale circular business models including rental, resale and leasing.

The pilot is supported by the Laudes Foundation during its first year allowing for signatories to participate without fees.

If you are a Danish fashion or textiles organisation and are interested in joining the pilot, please get in touch.

“Danish Circular Pact 2030 provides an exciting and necessary transition from commitment to delivery as we convene the Danish fashion sector around circular action, creating a blueprint that can be used as inspiration in other countries”.

Betina Simonsen, CEO, Lifestyle & Design Cluster.

Find out more about joining the Danish Circular Pact 2030.