Unilever Food Solutions: United Against Waste case study

14th November 2012

In September 2011, Unilever Food Solutions, in partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association, launched the ‘United Against Waste Toolkit’ to help the food service industry reduce its food waste.

This case study shows:
How the toolkit helps businesses
Monitoring reduces food waste and cuts costs
Pub and schools make real savings

It is estimated by WRAP that it costs a business £1,800/year  for every tonne of food waste it produces. Therefore, good waste management can save businesses money.

The toolkit helps businesses with information on:

  • how to conduct a waste review to identify what type of food waste is produced and how much of it is generated;
  • staff training – the communication resource centre in the toolkit provides a wide range of materials that can benefit businesses;
  • improving purchasing practices to reduce costs;
  • food preparation and plate presentation – portion size and what is used to decorate the plates (e.g. garnish) can have a noticeable impact on cost as well as the waste generated; and
  • monitoring what consumers leave on their plate – this enables a business to identify a particular dish or ingredient that consumers dislike.