Designing in sustainability - with ASDA and three key suppliers

15th June 2017

A new generation of sustainable products by design

80% of the environmental impacts of today’s products and services are determined at the early stages of product design and development.

Consider sustainability from the very beginning of the process
Map the main sustainability impacts of selected categories defining how suppliers can tackle these
Deliver a series of inspiring and imaginative NPD ideas that are sustainability-led

So considering sustainability early-on in design can reduce current product impacts, and also provide a platform for new-to-the-world ideas and New Product Development (NPD). Like many companies Asda has a formal, well-structured ‘stage-andgate’ process for NPD - which helps create new and improved products, that meet changing consumer expectations, and take them to market. 

“Asda recognise embedding sustainability into New Product Development is vital to achieving our 2020 sustainability goals. This process has really helped our suppliers engage with sustainable product and packaging design and we look forward to keep working on these promising ideas and tools“

Karen Todd, Head of Zero Waste, Asda