Packaging technologies with potential to reduce the amount of food thrown away

5th April 2006
This particular project focused on how:
pack technologies that increase shelf life
technologies that bring the consumer’s attention to the life of a product and when a product is nearing the end of that life
pack technologies that enable consumers to re-seal and re-use the product when not all of it is to be consumed at the same time

An estimated 6.7 million tonnes of household food waste is produced each year in the UK, most of which could have been eaten. A large part of this is food that is merely perceived to have exceeded its useable life or is actually no longer fit for consumption.

WRAP has commissioned a number of research projects to gain a deeper understanding of food waste. This includes how food actually becomes waste, what food waste typically consists of, and an exploration as to how consumers could be equipped with tools and resources to plan their shopping and consumption.