Press releases

Press release 8 December 2020

WRAP today publishes its second annual report for The UK Plastics Pact showing that members have made some good progress against targets, including a reduction in the amount of plastic packaging being used, and good progress in plastic recycling at home. But warns the charity’s Chief Executive Marcus Gover, there are significant challenges ahead which need urgent attention to keep the UK on course.

Press release 1 December 2020
  • Web visits show the UK’s thoughts turn to recycling on New Year’s Day.
  • Bubble and squeak, honey-glazed gammon and lamb Rogan Josh were the most searched-for post-Christmas dishes last year.
  • Still some Christmas confusion over recycling – the Scrunch Test and other solutions…
Press release 10 November 2020
Press release 3 November 2020

This year Recycle Now tapped into the cultural shift of citizens’ new-found respect for the planet, acquired during lockdown. 

Press release 16 October 2020
  • Less than a third of people know that wasting food contributes to climate change
  • Wasting Food: It’s Out of Date – household food waste is wrecking the environment
  • If every person in the UK wasted no food at home for one day, it could have the same impact on greenhouse gases as planting half a million trees
Press release 13 October 2020

Recycling Tracker 2020 reveals levels are higher and more consistent – but still room for improvement.

The latest Recycling Tracker, WRAP’s annual survey of UK households that gathers evidence on recycling attitudes, knowledge and behaviour, is published today:

The survey, the largest and longest-running of its kind, undertook a total of 5,297 interviews in March 2020 (prior to the Covid-19 lockdown).

Press release 13 October 2020

WRAP has been selected to be the Secretariat of the recently launched European Plastics Pact, the first regional pact to join the growing global Plastics Pact network.

Press release 12 October 2020

WRAP is delighted to have supported the development of the South African Plastics Pact; the latest in the global network working together to tackle the scourge of plastic pollution.

Press release 8 October 2020

Today marks the launch of The Earthshot Prize, the most prestigious global environment prize in history, incentivising worldwide change with a decade of action to repair our planet.

Press release 29 September 2020

WRAP will trailblaze a new week of action in March 2021 to wake the nation up to the environmental consequences of wasting food.

The inaugural Food Waste Action Week will run from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March 2021, and will bring together organisations from retailers to local authorities, restaurants to manufacturers, and beyond. WRAP will work with a variety of partners to show that wasted food is an issue that affects everyone – and the planet. Wasted food contributes 8–10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and roughly one third of food produced around the world is wasted.