This situational analysis section looks at how to develop a situational analysis using the information you gathered in section 1. A situational analysis takes a snapshot view of your organisation or situation and where things stand at a particular point in time. 

This phase enables you to understand the context for your communications and identify the strategic goal you are working towards, for example reaching the 40% statutory recycling target in 2010. The information gathered in Section 1 will now be used to:

  • Look at the wider context for your communications, what is driving it and what it needs to achieve
  • Review the actions being undertaken to meet your local authority’s waste management service targets
  • Identify what you need to do and by when

The first stage is to analyse your current position by reviewing the demographic, operational and the communication information you have gathered. Once you have come to some conclusions about what the information tells you, you need to work out where you need to be ie what you need to achieve and by when.

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