It’s simple – reducing the amount of food your manufacturing business throws away makes sense. Food waste takes many forms, yet it all has a value.

The UK food manufacturing sector throws away nearly 1 million tonnes of food a year. It’s waste that could have been prevented, and it’s worth a staggering £1.2 billion.

Reducing the amount of food – and profits - thrown away is easier than you might have thought.

Your Business is Food; don’t throw it away offers practical guidance to food manufacturing businesses, enabling measurement and management food waste with a straightforward three-step process:

Step 1: Review the food you throw away.

Step 2: Make an action plan.

Step 3: Keep it going!

Ready to get going? Whether your business is yet to start measuring food waste - or is already doing so and want to make the process easier and more efficient - everything you need to know, and everything you’ll need to get started is in our handy Starter Guide.

Access the ‘Your Business is Food’ tools and resources today, and start boosting your profits now.



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