This Good Practice Guide provides a range of ways to make your website waste and recycling pages as user friendly and engaging as possible, along with suggestions for making the business case to enable changes and improvements with the buy in of key stakeholders.

Topics covered include messaging and content development as well as maximising engagement through good navigation, looking at both the hierarchy of information and how this is visually presented.

Design and layout are also covered, including how the use of images, icons and photographs can be used to good effect.

Finally, the guide provides advice on both improving the accessibility of your web content, and on understanding how well your site is being used through the use of analytics.

This Good Practice Guide has been developed to sit alongside the Local Authority Website Evaluation Tool. Whilst the guide is designed with Waste & Recycling officers in mind, there is a benefit in sharing it more widely within a local authority, such as with the Web/IT and Corporate Comms teams.

Watch the recording of our webinar: The Website Evaluation Tool and Good Practice Guide.

Listen to key insights from the project and find out how the new tool can help you to maximise the effectiveness of your authority’s waste and recycling webpages. 

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