This section covers all aspects of implementing your new service or service changes. These are topics that will be easier to consider once you have a strategic plan in place.

From assessing the operational requirements and having chosen the optimum collection system you will then need to consider the equipment and vehicles required to operate the scheme(s). Within this topic we have included

  • guidance on the amount of capacity required to contain recyclables– depending on the scheme chosen;
  • details of available equipment e.g. containers and trolleys; and
  • issues that may affect vehicle access and tips and links to further information.

As with all collection systems, monitoring and evaluation can play an important role in ensuring a successful operation. Within this topic you will find guidance on how to monitor different aspects of collection schemes for flats and how the information gathered can be used.

Communicating with residents in flats can be more challenging than with residents in houses. There are many factors affecting this such as a higher turnover of residents or access issues when delivering leaflets. We have summarised some of the key challenges and how they might be overcome.

The final part of this guidance addresses methods of improving performance of an existing scheme. Some common performance issues are highlighted with methods of how to address them.



Re-use and recycling