The Working Group will seek to address the challenge of increasing the amounts of food surplus redistributed, through sharing best practice, identifying barriers and opportunities, overseeing the development of relevant new resources and research and approaches to monitoring progress.

Collaborative action to prevent food waste being generated, redistribute more surplus food, and divert more into animal feed (from businesses across the food system) will all be needed to meet the Courtauld Commitment 2025 (C2025) targets and UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3. The Surplus Food Redistribution Working Group will at all times be guided by the principles of the UK Food and Drink Waste Hierarchy. Membership of the Surplus Food Distribution Working Group is open to all C2025 signatories. If you are interested in joining please contact us

The Surplus Food Distribution Working Group will:

1. Provide a forum to discuss and share best practice, and new insights, into the barriers and potential opportunities to increase the availability of surplus food for human consumption through effective redistribution across the UK.

2. Establish clear objectives and develop a methodology, process and timeline for measuring and reporting progress. Proposed reporting could include, for example; data on tonnages redistributed and associated costs, with all data being aggregated and anonymised.

3. Identify opportunities for pilot projects to help develop new best practice and quantify the business case for change.

4. Develop strategies for longer-term, high-impact developments that will help deliver the C2025 objectives - e.g. significantly reducing food waste whilst increasing the amount of surplus food available for human consumption through redistribution.

5. Secure change across supply chains through effective dissemination of best practice, including identifying effective dissemination formats and channels.

6. Work collaboratively so as to leverage our scale and deliver an increase in surplus food redistribution from manufacturing and retail across the entire UK grocery supply chain.