This review highlights the core achievements and impact of the Courtauld Commitment 2025 2017-18. It demonstrates that work is taking place across the food and drink chain, from ‘farm to fork’, in support of the agreement’s targets.

  • Launching the world’s first Food Waste Reduction Roadmap
  • Setting the Courtauld 2025 baseline
  • Pioneering projects to prevent on-farm food waste
  • New Water Ambition to tackle stress in key sourcing areas
  • Support for citizens to prevent food waste with Love Food Hate Waste

When WRAP first embarked on our ambitious journey to tackle food and packaging waste in the UK there was a good helping of scepticism. How could we keep a huge, complex industry, united under a single goal: to reduce waste and cut the resources needed to provide UK’s food and drink? Today, Courtauld 2025 is demonstrable proof that all those involved continue to rise to that challenge.

Dr Marcus Gover, CEO, WRAP

The Courtauld Commitment 2025 Annual Review demonstrates that the agreement continues to go from strength to strength, pioneering sustainable change across the UK food and drink supply chain by:

  • Launching the world’s first Food Waste Reduction Roadmap, which will help businesses to set their own Target for waste reduction, Measure and report the amount they are wasting in a robust way, and Act on the evidence of potential for savings; 
  • Publishing robust food waste figures for the UK, as a standard for the rest of the world, and setting the Courtauld 2025 baseline, against which the ambitious targets will be benchmarked;
  • Getting to the root of the food waste issue with world-beating actions to tackle food waste on farm, with new quality specifications for fresh fruit & veg, projects to reduce food waste in bagged salads, and new grower guidance.
  • Making every drop of water count by tackling water stress and improving efficiency in key sourcing areas; and
  • Leading sustainable change across the world, with growing recognition of Courtauld 2025 as the beacon for others to tackle the food waste issue.

To achieve the scale of change required to tackle household food waste, we continue to implement our ambitious Citizen Food Waste Prevention Strategy by:

  • Calling time on confusing date labels, with new retailer guidance on simplifying ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates to tackle the two million tonnes of food wasted each year in UK homes from it not being used in time; and 
  • Helping consumers reduce food waste and make the most of their leftovers with our ever-popular Love Food Hate Waste campaign and specific campaign moments.

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