This is the twentieth publication of data under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 (Schedule 9), relating to the reporting period, October – December (Q4) 2019, and represents over 5 years of data reporting by MF operators.

The summary statistics presented in this commentary are intended to be representative of the MFs who have submitted the quarterly return. In England 85 facilities notified the Regulator (in accordance with the Regulations) for October – December 2019, of which all 85 submitted a quarterly data return. In Wales, 12 facilities notified the Regulator, of which all 12 submitted returns.

Key points

  • The average percentage (by weight) of target material received by responding MFs in Q4 2019 was 83.4% for England and 88.3% for Wales. The figure for England has decreased by 1.0% since the last quarter, and there has been a 1.5% decrease for Wales.
  • The lowest average percentage (by weight) of target material in the output material streams is for plastic in England (89.3%) and for glass in Wales (93.5%).

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  • Materials Focus 2019 Q4 commentary

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