This report outlines the main activities and achievements to deliver the Safety, Health and Environment objectives for WRAP. It covers the period April 2018 to March 2019.

We put in place a number of initiatives to help support employees achieve our targets.

Health & Safety 


To achieve the 90% target, we promoted the following:

• Promotion of e-learning platform.
• Line Managers tracking progress with direct reports.
• Regular company-wide reports to track progress.


• Regular reporting of Near Hits raises awareness and prevents hazards developing which could cause accidents.
• Monthly Safety, Health & Environment inspections in our offices to maintain our high standards.

Stress and well-being

• Promotion of the WRAP Academy Employee Wellbeing module.
• Promotion of Health and Wellbeing Stress e-learning modules.
• Activities to support wellbeing and reduce stress to become the ‘norm’.

Environment Food waste packaging

• Separate clear bin for non-recyclable food waste packaging helping us measure our progress.
• Hold ‘Tupperware Days’ encouraging food without packaging to be brought into the offices.


Edible food waste

• Have more ‘left-over’ lunches.
• Regular monitoring of the fridges to make sure nothing gets forgotten.
• Encourage the use of the sharing shelves in the fridges.



Carbon emissions for UK Travel

• Encourage more meetings to be held online thereby reducing the need to travel.
• Monitor the amount of non-productive travel. This should reduce if the number of online meetings increase.

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