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Resource 14 December 2020

A survey across UK retailers of a range of factors believed to influence household food waste for a selection of products.

Resource 14 December 2020

In 2009, WRAP undertook a survey across UK retailers, and a selection of food products, of a range of factors believed to influence household food waste. To provide an updated picture, and gauge progress against the recommendations in the 2009 report, the work was repeated in 2011 and this report summarises the findings.

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Around a third of the food produced globally is lost or wasted and it’s having a real impact on climate change, contributing 8–10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

That is why Love Food Hate Waste dedicate a whole week of action to raising awareness of the…
Blog 28 May 2021

The UK rejoiced as pubs, restaurants and venues welcomed back the public in an important symbolic sign of a return to some kind of normal following a year we will never forget. We ask WRAP’s Special Advisor for Hospitality and Food Service, Eleanor Morris, to reflect back and look forward to how sustainability will be top of the menu for the sector as it recovers from the toughest time it has faced in living memory.

Q: The hospitality and food service sector has been amongst the hardest hit by lockdown. How have those in the industry have coped?

It has been sad for us all to see restaurants and other hospitality outlets forc

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If food waste was a country, it’d be the third biggest contributor of greenhouse gases after China and USA. Love Food Hate waste works with partners like you to enable citizens to reduce this huge impact on climate change. It is an area where we can all make a real difference through simple changes.
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Blog 21 July 2021

The decisions we make in the next few years are perhaps the most important in the history of our species. I think by now there is not a person sitting in government or running a business who is not aware of the existential threat facing our planet. It is not about ‘why’ anymore. The challenge now is ‘how’. How to turn commitments and aspirations into meaningful urgent action.

This applies especially to our food system - which could be responsible for as much as nearly 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

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Case study examples of the circular economy being applied to the food system.
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