Love Food Hate Waste campaigns

Our research shows that people who see a Love Food Hate Waste campaign or a piece of information from us do something different, but we need to reach more people across the UK.

Your organisation has a key part to play. We need your organisation to lend its voice to Love Food Hate Waste to encourage more people to do their bit to keep up the good work when it comes to wasting less food. Help us to amplify our messaging to your customer and employee audiences and help to reduce food waste.

Upcoming campaigns

Food Waste Action Week 2022

Following the success of Food Waste Action Week 2021, we are now planning Food Waste Action Week 2022. Based on WRAP research into greenhouse gas emissions and our behavioural insights tracker, this week of activity really looks set to shake things up! Our ambition is that Food Waste Action Week goes global in 2022.

Five organisations have already donated to support the Week ahead of launch. They are Aldi, Danone, Dunbia, Ocado Retail and Sodexo. If your organisation would like to make a donation, please contact the Food Waste Action Week team at

Our ‘always on’ campaigns

Engaging themes, impactful behaviours and FREE regular resources for your organisation.

Every month Love Food Hate Waste provides two posts relating to our monthly theme for social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and suggested post copy. These campaigns are evidence-based and focused on the most impactful food waste prevention behaviours. If we are all spreading the same clear message it will make simple changes easier for everyone. Access our free resources here. We also have lots of content on our social channels for you to like and share if this is easier to fit into your social schedules.

Previous campaigns

Keep Crushing It

The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic impacted citizen food management behaviours. Although our Citizen Trends and KPI Tracker survey in June 2020, which involved 4000 citizens, showed that people found ways to manage their food better, self-reported waste increased by 30% compared to the early stages of lockdown.

The Keep Crushing It campaign focussed on encouraging citizens to maintain, or pick up, good food behaviours that were seen during the lockdown period including pre-shop planning, better in-home food storage, freezing, defrosting, using up lockdown larders and creative cooking. By promoting some of our popular tools the campaign helped citizens to achieve this:

  • The A-Z of Food Storage : An alphabetical list with a wealth of information from how to store, freeze and defrost your poultry to your parsnips plus some delicious recipe ideas of what to do with them.
  • Chill The Fridge Out : Simply making sure that your fridge is set between 0 - 5°C can make your food last longer, Chill the Fridge Out allows you to input your fridge brand and it will tell you how to set the temperature. Find out more below!
  • Lovely leftover recipes : Using up your leftovers could not be easier with these mouth-watering, easy to make recipes. Plus, you can search for recipes by the ingredient that you want to use up!
  • Portion Planner : Helping to resolve the problem of cooking too much – the Portion Planner will calculate the exact amount that you need of each ingredient for you and your family. 

Keep Crushing It was a bright, colourful and eye-catching campaign with seven short videos available to share plus copy and imagery suitable for social media making it easy for organisations to create their own as well as share ours.

Keep Crushing It also began to bring in the link to climate change with eye opening comparisons between the greenhouse gases produced from air travel and food waste. Supporting this campaign was a brilliant and effective way to show that you are actively supporting causes that our research has shown is important to your audience, it also helped to display your business as working towards a reduction in carbon emissions helping you to reach your green targets.

There was some editorial copy that could be used for magazine or email content. There were posters and livery design available and we gave people the opportunity to work closer with Love Food Hate Waste on achieving green targets going forward.

Chill The Fridge Out 

Millions of UK fridges are at least 2°C too warm. Research for ‘Chill the Fridge Out’ revealed that many of us don’t know that our fridges should be set at 0 - 5°C.

The main reason for food ending up in the bin in the UK is ‘not used in time’. Almost two million tonnes or 41% of food is wasted because of this. Setting fridges to 0 - 5°C, keeps your food fresher for longer, giving you more time to enjoy it and less chance of wasting it.

This simple change not only saves money with the average family with children could save £60 a month by not binning food (!) but it could also stop the equivalent of 3.1 million glasses of milk being poured down our kitchen sinks every single day in the UK….

A UK household wastes, on average, the equivalent of eight meals a week. Chill the Fridge Out  also highlights other simple ways to save food including:

  • Shutting the fridge door – leaving it open whilst you top up that cuppa can cause the temperature of your fridge rising each time, taking hours for it to get back down to its original temperature!
  • Using a fridge thermometer – available from many retailers or hardware shops, a thermometer inside your fridge will let you easily keep an eye on it’s temperature.
  • Let your food cool – allow your food to cool before popping it in the fridge 
  • Use the fridge correctly – some areas of your fridge are cooler than others so watch our video to find out the best areas to store your food 
  • Use a cool bag – to keep your food cool on the way home from the shops

Chill The Fridge Out highlighted some very simple steps that people could take that make a difference to the amount of food they waste. By amplifying Love Food Hate Waste’s messages, our partners were able to show that their business cares as much as they do about climate change.