Love Food Hate Waste key campaigns

Our research shows that citizens who have seen our messages are effective at changing behaviours, but we need to increase their reach to more citizens across the UK. Your organisation has a key part to play in this campaign. We need your organisation to lend its voice to our campaigns to encourage citizens to do their bit to keep up the good work when it comes to wasting less food. Help us to amplify our messaging to your extensive customer and employee audiences and help reduce food waste.

Keep Crushing It

The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted citizen food management behaviours. Although our Citizen Trends and KPI Tracker survey in June 2020, which involved 4000 citizens, showed that people have found ways to manage their food better, self-reported waste has increased by 30% compared to the early stages of lockdown.

And as concerns about going to the shops and running out of food motivated people to waste less in April, those motivations are weakening with restrictions lifting.

However, the survey also showed that over eight in ten of us agree that food waste is an important national issue and that everyone has a responsibility to minimise the food that we throw away. Consciousness of climate change has also increased during lockdown with 81% of us saying that they are concerned about the issue.

The Keep Crushing It focusses on encouraging citizens to maintain, or pick up, six good food behaviours that were seen during the lockdown period including pre-shop planning, better in-home food storage, freezing, defrosting, using up lockdown larders and creative cooking. By promoting some of our popular tools the campaign helps citizens to achieve this:

  • The A-Z of Food Storage : An alphabetical list with a wealth of information from how to store, freeze and defrost your peas to your parsnips plus some delicious recipe ideas of what to do with them.
  • Chill The Fridge Out : Simply making sure that your fridge is set between 0 - 5°C can make your food last longer, Chill the Fridge allows you to input your fridge make and it will tell you exactly what temperature to set it to. Find out more below!
  • Love Food Hate Waste : Using up your leftovers could not be easier with these mouth-watering, easy to make recipes. Plus, you can search for recipes by the ingredient that you want to use up!
  • Portion Planner : Helping to resolve the problem of cooking to much – the Portion Planner will calculate the exact amount that you need of each ingredient for you and your family. 

Keep Crushing It also begins to bring in the link to climate change with eye opening comparisons between the greenhouse gases produced from air travel and food waste. Supporting this campaign is a brilliant and effective way to show that you are actively supporting causes that our research has shown is important to your audience, it will also help to display your business as working towards a net zero environment helping you to reach your green targets.

Keep Crushing It is a bright, colourful and eye-catching campaign with 7 short videos available to share plus copy and imagery suitable for social media posts making it easy to create your own as well as share ours. You’ll also find some fantastic editorial copy that can easily be used for magazine or email content. There are posters and livery design available and the opportunity to work closer with Love Food Hate Waste on achieving your green targets going forward.

Chill The Fridge Out 

Our research revealed that only half of us know that our fridges should be set at 0 - 5°C and the average UK fridge temperature is currently set at 7°C which is way too hot.

Setting your fridge at 0 - 5°C can mean that your food will last up to three days longer, giving you much more time to eat it and less chance of it getting left, going off and ending up in the bin. This simple change will not only save the average citizen pounds with the average family of four wasting £70 a week (!) but it will also help to stop the following from happening:

The equivalent of 3.1 million glasses of milk being poured down our kitchen sinks every single day in the UK

The average UK household could make seven extra meals every week if they reduced the amount of their food going to waste and the Chill the Fridge out tool highlights some simple ways of doing this including:

  • Shutting the fridge door – leaving it open whilst you top up that cuppa can cause the temperature of your fridge rising each time, taking hours for it to get back down to its original temperature!
  • Using a fridge thermometer – available from retailers such as Robert Dyas, a thermometer inside your fridge will let you easily keep an eye on it’s temperature
  • Let your food cool – allow your food to cool before popping it in the fridge 
  • Use the fridge correctly – some areas of your fridge are cooler than others so watch our video to find out the best areas to store your food 
  • Use a cool bag – to keep your food cool on the way home from the shops

Chill the fridge highlights very simple ways that the average citizen can make a difference to the amount of food they waste and help to save the planet. By helping amplify Love Food Hate Waste’s messages to your audience you can show that your business cares as much as they do about climate change.