Love Food Hate Waste partners

Citizens are the ones who can make the biggest difference when it comes to the UK’s food waste problem – the real power is in their hands.

You can help to deliver our key behaviour change messages.

Key messages 

  • Improve consumer confidence on freezing and defrosting, especially of bread and meat. 
  • Help consumers understand how to store their food in the right way, particularly the storage of potatoes, fruit and vegetables and the correct fridge temperature.
  • Help consumers to make more use of leftovers by eating the whole of the potato (skins) and all of the chicken by trying new recipes.

Top 10 wasted food

  1. Potatoes (fresh)
  2. Bread (standard)
  3. Milk
  4. Meals (home-made and pre-prepared)
  5. Carbonated soft drinks
  6. Fruit juice and smoothies
  7. Pork meat
  8. Poultry meat
  9. Carrots (fresh)
  10. Processed potatoes, e.g. chips

Climate Change: Making the link 

This year we are going to help people to realise that there is a huge environmental cost to wasting food – it isn’t just about the gases from food rotting in a bin or landfill, it’s the waste of all the precious resources that it takes to bring that food to your plate – the land, water, energy and hard work (not to mention love and care!)

We need to make this very simple, but very powerful connection in the mind of the audience. We know our audience cares and some are taking action, but they have yet to have this lightbulb moment. Throughout we will continue to equate wasting food with climate change – Flights, Cars, Land use etc. They already care deeply about these things, so we’re going to borrow that motivation and passion give people a final powerful motivation to care about food.

Why get involved

  • Your citizens care about food waste and climate change - both issues are high on their agenda and there is a strong connection.
  • Reputation and positioning – getting involved in these campaigns positions you as an organization seen to be actively helping citizens to reduce their food waste - saving them time, money and helping the planet (customers, students, suppliers, residents, local communities and colleagues)
  • Relevant social media and PR content that is current and adds value to your relationships
  • With the rise in interest in sustainability, be a shining example of taking action, with case study content for you (and us) to use on website, social media, external events, annual reports, internal comms
  • Supporting WRAP’s campaigns to reduce household food waste are a key part of the * Courtauld 2025 commitment

How you can get involved 

Schedule the Keep Crushing It campaign into your Comms Plan between 7 August and October 2020

  • Download the assets from the WRAP Partner Resource Library • Look out for our campaign activity on LFHW and WRAP social platforms and share tweets, posts and video
  • Use our social assets and video
  • Create or update your corporate and citizen facing webpages to include our messaging, creative or video 

Shout about it on social – post eye-catching photos and stories about what you are doing to throw less food away and to help others do the same

  • Reach out to your customers, suppliers, students, communities, residents and network of influencers, and let them know that you care about this important environmental issue and want to make wasting food a thing of the past
  • Use our editable posters
  • Contact us about livery for your vehicles, for example refuse trucks, delivery vans

Build wasting food into your communication plans as a regular topic on which to engage and inspire

  • Contact us to discuss your campaign ideas including (where relevant to your sector): adding messages and artwork to your newsletters, social media, website, posters, livery, packaging
  • Share your activities with us so we can share with our audiences on social media.
  • Share your results too so we can shine a light on your great work and create a case study with you and PR activity
  • Look out for our new research insights as they’re published and shared on website and social media

Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how you would like to be a part of reducing food waste

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