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Global food waste reduction

WRAP has been working with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) since 2013 supporting their global food waste prevention programme.

Together we can tackle it

This campaign can make a huge difference, if everybody gets involved.  There are plenty of initiatives flourishing already around the globe. This campaign is also a way to link them together and to share tips, experiences and good practice.

The campaign website,, allows users to make food waste pledges and provides a platform for those running campaigns to exchange ideas and create a truly global culture of sustainable consumption of food.

WRAP has a wealth of resources available to support this work – businesses can find research and guidance at and consumers can find a wealth of tips at

We all need to THINK about and be mindful of our food consumption patterns, we all need to EAT, and we all need to SAVE food, especially in developed countries and among the middle classes of the developing ones. If we can ‘Reduce our Foodprint’, we can reduce humanity’s impact on our planet.

Where next?

Want to know more about food waste reduction? Take a look at our current work in the food supply chain:



This global coalition of partners will accelerate action on food loss and waste by firstly mobilising the financial sector to factor in both financial and environmental performance in their lending.

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Pacific Coast Food Waste Commitment

Pacific Coast Collaborative

An ambitious public-private partnership that aims to reduce food waste in the region across the supply chain.

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    An EU research project taking action against food waste with 26 partners from 12 European countries and China.

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    TRiFOCAL food waste prevention

    The campaign contributed to a 14% reduction in food waste in London and has been rolled out in Barcelona, Brussels, Burgas, Dublin, Ljublijana, Milan, Oslo, Sofia, Vaxjo, Vienna and Malta.

    12 November 2020