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Pacific Coast Collaborative

Tackling food waste in the US

The Pacific Coast of North America is home to 55 million people and is the world’s fifth largest economy with a combined GDP of $3 trillion.  

The PCC’s West Coast Voluntary Agreement is an ambitious public-private partnership that aims to reduce food waste in the region across the supply chain. WRAP is working alongside partners the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), ReFED and Cascadia providing technical support and guidance on initiating and running food waste minimisation voluntary agreements to.

The voluntary agreement calls on food retailers and their supply chain partners and manufacturers to take collaborative action to tackle food waste. The aims of the voluntary agreement are to:

  • Reduce food waste in the region by at least 50% by 2030;
  • Measure progress towards the target through food waste measurement and a sector wide reporting against a baseline;
  • Facilitate pre-competitive and collaborative working groups with the sector to share lessons learned and best practices, and to develop solutions to collective challenges;
  • Implement meaningful actions through the working groups and participating organisations that reduce wasted food, and achieve annual reporting goals.