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Collaborative partnerships

Working with us

We are focussed on developing partnerships to deliver change in those countries where the need is greatest.

We work with in country partners to ensure each Pact is suitable and impactful in the region it is intended for.

Collaborative partnerships

WRAP work in collaboration with your organisation, bringing operational and technical expertise to help deliver impact in your country or region.

Depending on the project our support can consist of:

  • supporting the set-up of the Pact;
  • helping the development of an industry Roadmap to achieve the targets;
  • securing funding for development of innovation projects;
  • sharing expertise in data reporting and monitoring; 
  • communications support; and
  • knowledge sharing between Pacts internationally.


…There was the proven impact from the UK and elsewhere. That spoke volumes that this model actually works… We are very, very optimistic that this model is going to work very well here, with the guidance, with all the knowledge and all the expertise that WRAP brings to the table.

Varun Aggarwal, WWF-India

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