Close up of plastic milk bottle lids

Design for recyclability

Whether you are designing and manufacturing a bottle, ready meal tray or plastic wrap for vegetables, following our packaging design guidance so that the item can be easily recycled in the current UK infrastructure is imperative to building a circular economy for plastics. 

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Help fix the broken system for flexible plastic packaging

Flexible plastic represents a quarter of all UK consumer plastic packaging, but only 4% is currently recycled. Sector wide investment, innovation and collaboration is needed urgently.

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Eliminate problem plastics

Some plastics are problematic and unnecessary and these are being eliminated. Other problematic plastics require more consideration and careful action. Work is underway through The UK Plastics Pact to tackle these plastics. Find out how to take action in your business. 

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Use more recycled content

The use of recycled content in packaging reduces the demand for virgin plastic derived from oil. This means that your plastic packaging has a better footprint. It shows your customers you are serious about your commitments to the environment. It also helps stimulate demand for the material which bolsters efforts to build a circular economy for plastics.  

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Promote positive recycling behaviours

Use our world leading citizen behaviour change research and campaign materials. Recycle Now adds credibility, recognition and value to your consumer messaging on recycling. 

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