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Guidance on consumer behaviour

What can my organisation do?

Through our consumer research and our consumer campaign, WRAP is revealing consumers' attitudes to sustainable products as well as encouraging them to take a more sustainable approach to how they view their clothing.

By using WRAP’s research, organisations can gain consumer feedback into sustainable products in the clothing industry and gain insight on how to market more durable, sustainable and less resource intensive products to consumers.

COVID 19 impact - Citizens and clothing behaviours during lockdown

Revealing insights in to citizen behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, including; wardrobe clothing clear outs, storage and donation behaviours. 

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Love Your Clothes consumer campaign

WRAP supports businesses by encouraging consumers to change the way they use, re-use and recycle their clothing through our Love Your Clothes campaign.

Our consumer campaign provides easy, actionable tips for consumers on how to extend the life of clothing, reduce the environmental impact of cleaning, deal with unwanted clothes and second hand goods and make the most of their wardrobe.

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Measuring clothing life and use

Understanding how consumers wear and care for clothing is key to meeting the SCAP 2020 action area: Extending the useful life of clothes.

By measuring the active life and uses of clothing, organisations can understand how to extend the life of the clothing they make, design for end of life, or find innovative ways to re-use and recycle end of life clothing.

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Sustainable clothing guidance

The Sustainable Clothing Guide gives organisations guidance on what they can encourage customers to do to increase the lifespan or durability of their product.

Gain an understanding about repair and alteration support, or find information about partnerships with charities and re-use organisations, to take a more sustainable approach to disposing of second-hand clothing.

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Textile-derived microfibre

Our reports examine the current literature on microfibres: estimating the scale of microfibre formation and shedding; reviewing current mitigation actions; and identifying key evidence gaps in studies conducted so far.

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Household Textiles: Consumer Research and the Business Opportunities

This report, published in 2015, details a programme of consumer research to develop the business case and commercial opportunities in household textiles re-use and recycling.

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