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Value from food waste small scale grant (RAF100-200)

***This grant is now closed for applications***

This grant supported new projects that demonstrated the commercial potential of biochemical processing options for high-volume challenging / hard-to-tackle streams of wasted food. 

The aim was to identify new viable options that could be brought to operation to minimise food waste and release the value of this food rather than it being disposed of.

This small-scale grant funded projects between £20,000 and £100,000, with a finite, overall budget of £500,000.

What is eligible?

The following activities were eligible for grant funding:


  • Capital usage contribution
  • Capital costs associated with prototype development / build
  • Pilot kits
  • Lab equipment


  • Lab testing costs
  • Certification costs directly associated with the project.  
  • Consumables 
  • Staff costs directly associated with the delivery of the grant project
  • Technical consultancy support
  • Monitoring & evaluation costs (maximum 20% if funded by grant)
  • Marketing / comms associated with the project (not business advertising)
  • Consumer testing
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the project. Reasonable fuel costs
  • Equipment rental (not long-term leasing)
  • Reasonable expenses allowance

To be eligible, projects had to be based in England. Applicants had to demonstrate the project would involve a collaboration between industry and a research organisation such as a university or research institute. The lead applicant could be either entity.

Candidates were shortlisting based on:

  • Their single application form with supporting appendices and guidance.
  • Assessment against the weighted criteria published in the guidance and application form.


***Please note, applications for this grant are now closed.***

Grant recipients

Grant recipient  Location Grant value Project overview
AgriGrub Ltd East of England £91,374  
Activatec Ltd East Midlands £98,643  
  Total £190,017