WRAP awards round 2 of the Litter Innovation Fund Award

25 September 2019

WRAP is pleased to announce the list of companies who have been awarded the Litter Innovation Fund grant.

First launched back in 2018, funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG), the Litter Innovation Fund has been a huge success. The overall aim of the programme was to find new ways of reducing and preventing litter/littering through new methods and interventions, that have not been tried and tested before. The £450,000 programme has already awarded funding of up to £10,000 to companies including Bristol City Council, Hubbub Foundation, Keep Britain Tidy and St Edmundsbury Council.

Grant recipients were required to contribute a minimum of 10% match funding, either in-kind or monetary, and deliver their projects within six months of receipt of the grant funding.

Applications were invited from organisations based in England:

  • Community Interest Company (CIC)
  • Industrial Provident Society (IPS) or co-operatives
  • Local Authorities (including principle authorities, parish, and/or town councils)
  • National Park Authorities
  • Broads Authorities
  • Registered Social Landlords
  • Charities
  • Development trust 
  • Faith group 
  • Educational institutions
  • Scouts, Guides and National Citizen Service
  • Business - Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) e.g. retail, food chains, event management etc.

All projects were measured and evaluated to demonstrate the impact the project has had on reducing litter and littering. The following companies have been awarded a Litter Innovation Grant Award, in this second round: -

bBits– Bin Finder

Bedford Borough Council

Community Foundation Calderdale

Education Futures Trust

Fenland District Council

Firvale Community Hub

GreenSeas Trust

Groundwork Wakefield

Huntingdonshire District Council

Leicester City Council

Litter Free Dorset hosted in Dorset Council

Middlesex University

Oldham Council


Round 2 of funding (2019)

Thirteen organisations started their Litter Innovation Fund grant projects in 2019. During early 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, we halted project progress as it was not safe or legal to continue running the projects.  As we waited to see how 2020 would unfold it became clear that projects would not be able to pick up where they left off, as normal habits and lifestyles were not able to resume.  We asked projects to submit their progress to us along with their project spend, and unspent monies were returned. Each project proceeded at a different pace and below are some of the resources that were produced as a result of the progress each organisation was able to make.

To find out more about the project outputs produced, please click on the access links below.  Please note: Due to the grant scheme closing unexpectedly early, WRAP has been unable to evaluate the success of the project interventions that were being trialled. Whilst we are sharing information about the projects, including details of some of the products available, we do not endorse the products or the organisations named below.

Applicant: GreenSeas Trust

Project type: Coastal litter - binfrastructure 

Award £10,000 

Output: https://www.greenseas.org/

Applicant: Litter Free Dorset hosted in Dorset Council

Project type: Events litter

Award: £8,378

Event resources: http://www.litterfreedorset.co.uk/resource-hub/litter-free-events/community-events/
Project film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CdaEahmaYjA


Applicant: Community Foundation Calderdale 

Project Type: Street litter - binfrastructure

Award: £9,680

Output: Event resources: Video of bin launch (https://business.facebook.com/calderdale/videos/610186236437189/)


Applicant: Oldham Council

Project Type: Street litter - binfrastructure

Award: £10,000 



Applicant: bBits: Bin Finder

Project Type: Street litter – digital

Award: £10,000 

Output: https://lovecleanstreets.com/reports/home


Applicant: Petroc

Project Type: Street litter – digital

Award:  £9,390



Applicant: Middlesex University

Project Type: Street litter – community engagement

Award: £7,022

Output: None.


Applicant: Bedford Borough Council

Project Type: Street litter – enviro-hubs

Award: £9,020


Applicant: Firvale Community Hub

Project Type: Street litter – community engagement

Award: £8,555

Output: None

Applicant: Leicester City Council

Project Type: Street litter – digital 

Award: £10,000 


Applicant: Education Futures Trust

Project Type: Street litter – community engagement 


Output: None

Applicant: Huntingdonshire District Council

Project Type: Roadside litter – haulage industry


Output: None

Applicant: Up Our Street

Project Type: Street litter – community engagement

Award: £10,000 

Output: None

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