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For more than twenty years WRAP has been at the forefront of work protecting the natural environment from the damage caused by human activity.

Today our work is helping partners in twenty-five countries, across six continents. 

As a unique independent body operating between Governments, industries, businesses and the public we know what needs to be done to cut climate change connected with wasting natural resources.

We have decades of experience, libraries of research, years of practical experience, world-leading experts and practical programmes around the world leading work tackling food waste prevention, plastics, sustainable textiles & clothing, resource efficiency and recycling.

We work with media around the world every day to provide briefings, commentary, the latest data, opinions, insights and evidence of what works – and why.

We can talk authoritatively about the UK and give a global perspective.

We have experts who can drill down into the science of resource efficiency, the circular economy and climate change in forensic detail and speakers who’ll bring a subject to life in two minutes for a home audience.

We can provide a soundbite just when your deadline demands.

Speak to WRAP

  • WRAP experts are available for interviews. We can help with briefings, commentary, statistics and evidence connected with GHG reduction and resource efficiency across a range of business sectors. And crucially - what we can all do as individuals in our daily lives to make a difference.
  • Our citizen campaigns include:

Key GHG reports 

  • UK’s Net Zero ambitions (Oct 2021) - most comprehensive mapping of the UK’s food & drink carbon footprint ever undertaken, showing the path to 50% carbon reduction by 2030.
  • Net Zero: why resource efficiency holds the answers (Mar 2021) - focusing exclusively on energy is only half of the solution to carbon emissions. Quick wins in resource efficiency could help the UK cut its annual emissions by around two billion tonnes of CO2e by 2050. But simple resource efficiency strategies that drive action without costly interventions or new technologies are being overlooked.
  • Meat in a Net Zero world (Sep 2021) - Meat in a Net Zero world launched in June 2020 with 40 stakeholders across UK meat production and supply chain pledging to make the industry one of the most efficient and sustainable in the world. All are committed to reducing meat waste and GHG along the supply chain and protecting natural assets.

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