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Taking WRAP's impact across the globe

To make our world more sustainable, we are acutely aware that tackling the issue cannot be done by one country, region or continent by itself. With this in mind, WRAP works globally with governments, businesses, and communities to deliver practical solutions to improve resource efficiency within plastics, food and textiles.

We take the successes, experience and lessons learnt in the UK and work with in-country partners to ensure we develop projects that fully address the needs of the local area. 

Where we work

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Global update

On 16th March WRAP and the World Economic Forum’s Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP) announced a formal partnership agreement to address the global issue of plastic waste by supporting projects within both the network of Plastics Pacts, and Global Plastic Action Partnerships around the world.

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Examples of our work include:

Mexico Conceptual Food Framework

We supported the development of the Comprometido con la Comida (Committed to Food) which is a public-private partnership with Walmart Mexico and Bancos Alimentos de Mexico (the Mexican food banking network) to tackle the estimated 20 million tonnes of food loss and wasted in the country each year.

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European Plastics Pact

This Plastics Pact, covering European Economic Area (EEA) is the first regional pact to join the growing global Plastics Pact network. We are the secretariat for the Pact.

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Textiles Action Network

The Textiles Action Network puts the global textiles industry on the trajectory to net zero carbon emissions through transitioning to a circular economy.

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Our services internationally include