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Replicating success across the globe

To make our world more sustainable so that people and planet thrive now and for future generations, we are acutely aware that tackling the most wasteful products cannot be done by one country, region or continent by itself.

By taking our holistic approach to the next level, we take the successes and lessons learnt in the UK and work with brands/manufacturers, regional and national governments, municipalities, non-governmental organisations across the globe.

Where we work

Making the greatest impact

One size does not fit all, so our priorities are to work in areas where we would have the greatest impact, and crucially understand the local context we are operating in by working with in-country partners.

Our services internationally include policy and insights, technical support, business voluntary agreements and consumer campaigns.

In eight countries we have licensed our campaign Love Food Hate Waste messaging and brand which has been tailored to meet their national food waste prevention policies.

WRAP is a founding member of the Champions 12.3 network which is a unique coalition of executives dedicated to inspiring ambition, mobilising action and accelerating progress toward achieving United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Target 12.3 by 2030.

We have already shown that the UK is on a trajectory to achieve national and international food waste prevention targets if current rates of progress are maintained. Find out more about the Champions 12.3 network and its impact.

Examples of our work include:


We supported the development of the Comprometido con la Comida (Committed to Food) which is a public-private partnership with Walmart Mexico and Bancos Alimentos de Mexico (the Mexican food banking network) to tackle the estimated 20 million tonnes of food loss and wasted in the country each year.

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FLAWLESS (Food Loss and Waste by Leveraging Economic Systems)

We have launched a new project in Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico to halve food loss and waste by leveraging economic systems.

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Pacific Coast Collaborative

The Pacific Coast Collaborative's West Coast Voluntary Agreement is an ambitious public-private partnership that aims to reduce food waste in the region across the supply chain. WRAP is working alongside partners the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), ReFED and Cascadia providing technical support and guidance on initiating and running food waste minimisation voluntary agreements.

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Developing global plastic pacts

Following the UK example, we are developing plastics pacts across the globe

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European Plastics Pact

This Plastics Pact, covering European Economic Area (EEA) is the first regional pact to join the growing global Plastics Pact network. We are the secretariat for the Pact.

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Textiles Action Network

The Textiles Action Network puts the global textiles industry on the trajectory to net zero carbon emissions through transitioning to a circular economy.

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