Person taking a green apple from a supermarket shelf

Food types


The resources available under the Courtauld Commitment 2030, the Food Waste Reduction Roadmap and Guardians of Grub are applicable to all food types, as reducing the waste of all food is critical to achieving UK and international targets.

However, much of WRAP's work focusses on the food types where we can have the most impact in reducing food waste, reducing water stress and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We build the evidence and work with food and drink business to enable them to take targeted action.



With food waste and GHG emissions increasingly of media and political interest, there is a real opportunity for businesses to take action, cut costs from avoidable waste and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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More than half a million tonnes of dairy products are wasted every year in the UK, with the majority thrown away at home. Reducing this loss is hugely important, not just in terms of food waste but also to help reduce GHG emissions, tackle water pollution and other sustainability challenges.

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Fresh produce

Fresh produce is a priority sector for Courtauld 2030 which WRAP is tackling with industry experts through a whole supply chain approach, from farm to fork.

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