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Citizen behaviour change

Helping citizens live a more sustainable lifestyle

Based on robust insight and research, we develop, pilot, deliver and evaluate behaviour change programmes to help citizens live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our suite of campaigns, tools and interventions are then amplified by a diverse range of stakeholders who value our evidence-based approach.

WRAP & Behaviour Change
In January 2022, WRAP joined forces with the UK’s leading social and environmental change not-for-profit Behaviour Change to accelerate the fight against climate change. Together we will be helping more people to make simple, lasting changes to tackle the climate emergency. Visit our media centre for more details.

Test, learn and adapt

Our aim is to make people understand why they need to make a change and then help them easily make that sustainable change. We target the audience segments, behaviours, and areas where we can make the biggest impact. By understanding our target audiences, and working with key stakeholders, we test, learn and adapt; always learning and changing if something does not go to plan.

We work with key partners to design, pilot and evaluate behaviour change interventions ready for roll-out at large scale. Since 2019, we have developed over 20 intervention prototypes to tackle food waste in the home and delivered multiple food waste and recycling pilots, with plenty more in progress and in the pipeline.

Find out how we create sustainable behaviour change here.